Important Signs that You May Need to Undergo Testosterone Therapy

If You See Any of These Signs, You Might Need Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone deficiency is an all-too-common condition among aging males. However, there are certain underlying conditions such as hypogonadism, mumps, testicular injury, pituitary tumors, and more that can contribute to lower testosterone levels.

While testosterone deficiency brought on by aging should more or less be left alone to run its course, those instances resulting from specific health conditions may need to be addressed with testosterone therapy. Watch out for some telltale signs indicating the need to consult with a testosterone therapy center to confirm if you are have abnormally low testosterone levels.

Physical Symptoms

The first few things you will notice if you are testosterone-deficient include loss of muscle mass and increase in body fat and weight. You may also have mild anemia or a decrease in your hemoglobin, as well as significant changes in your cholesterol levels. A sudden fragility in bones, indicative of osteoporosis, may also come to light. Read more on this article.


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